Parasailing Alanya

Parasailing Alanya is an exciting parachute flight over the Mediterranean Sea. A real adventure that charges with positive energy and inspires a person to new ideas

Parasailing Alanya
2021-05-11 15:13:38
Tulpar Paragliding

Parasailing in Alanya is a popular form of entertainment, affordable and relatively reliable. The parachute is attached to the boat using a strong rope, 100 meters long. As the boat picks up speed, the parachutist smoothly rises into the air. A person soars in air currents, now rising, then falling almost to the water itself. A wonderful panorama opens before the soaring - the turquoise sea, the nature of the coast, mountain ranges, colorful hotels. A feeling of delight, filled with sea air and freedom. Parasailing is also popular because it does not require special skills, it is suitable even for children and people far from sports. It is especially pleasant to feel a fresh breeze in the heat, when you so want to dilute the beach heat with sea coolness and freshness, which is fully felt during the flight.

Parasailing is a safe pastime, subject to simple rules. At the beginning of the excursion, an experienced instructor conducts training and prepares for the flight as much as possible. In order to experience parasailing in Alanya, your weight must not exceed 100 kg. Children are admitted from 14 years old. You can fly both alone and together. The average flight time is 15-20 minutes.

But, this will be quite enough for vivid impressions of enjoying the vaping process. And in order to get the whole range of positive emotions from flying, the next stage can be paragliding in Alanya in tandem with an instructor from Mount Yassi, which is part of the Toros mountain system. The flight starts from a special platform located at an altitude of 500 meters and lasts 20-30 minutes. Fly, dream and make your dreams come true!