Kusadasi best beaches

The best beaches of Kusadasi with a clean coastal zone, a gentle entrance to the water, clear azure water, from which you do not want to leave. There are several of them here

Kusadasi best beaches
2021-07-09 05:33:53
Tulpar Paragliding

Ladies beach is one of the best beaches in Kusadasi. Despite the name, absolutely everyone swims in it. The beach is easily accessible on foot from the city center. And on many minibuses there is a sign pointing to this beach. The best part is that there is very fine sand, like in Thailand. And off the coast you can have fun bouncing on the waves, which are not uncommon here. For some, this is a minus. But, judging by the number of tourists, this does not bother the majority.

The Green Beach is located next to the Ladies' one. It is surrounded by palm trees and flower beds. Here you can soak up the grass and enjoy the beauty of nature. But, on weekends there is nowhere to even sit down.

Pigeon Island Beach is ideal for diving. Lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday will like it here. There are a minimum of people, the territory is very beautiful and well-groomed.

One of the best beaches in Kusadasi for connoisseurs of seclusion is the coastal zone with the unusual name of Yilandziburnu. Here, divers' boats occasionally break the silence. And the rest of the time it is so quiet that you can even sleep. You can get here by minibuses from Ladies Beach, which leave every five minutes.

All of these places have everything you need for a beach holiday, including cafes nearby or nearby. But, the wildest beach in Kusadasi is Pamujak, which is on the road to Ephesus. To get to it, you need to drive 10 km north of the resort. There are no hotels, bars, restaurants, and the infrastructure we are used to. But there is a long sandy strip and the endless Aegean Sea. All romantics definitely come here.

Relaxing on the beaches of Kusadasi is great, but the perfect vacation takes experience. A great way to dilute the beachside bliss is the feeling of flight that the paragliding in Kusadasi will give you.