Paragliding Pilot p3 Training

Paragliding certification

Paragliding pilot p3 training enables intermediate pilot certification approved by the Turkish Aeronautics Association and the International Aviation Federation. Pilots with P3 licenses can take off, land, and be allowed to fly like birds in as much air as they want without anyone's help. The requirements for paragliding Intermediate pilot certification are as follows:

  • Attending courses for 30 days, sailing, coping with thermal currents, learning the rules of air traffic during mass departure;
  • The training consists of 2 safas. Theoretical and practical. Theoretical training usually includes technical information on take-off, landing, radio communication. In addition, altitude increase and reduction techniques and reasons are also included in theoretical training;
  • The second stage of theoretical training is ground training. At this stage, flight preparation, parachute collection, reverse take-off, keeping the parachute at a smooth angle during takeoff, and other similar trainings;
  • In practice, training is carried out in the form of 50 flights. Half of this application is based on improving your take-off and landing skills. Paragliding pilot p3 training also includes sailing and thermal flight training
  • Paragliding Intermediate pilot certificate requires at least 5 emergency flights. In emergencies, these flights to maintain your composure have a great contribution in terms of gaining confidence;

For paragliding pilot p3 training, seaside areas are preferred. This is because the wind current is stable and there are main possibilities such as landing at sea in emergencies.

Paragliding Pilot p3 Training

Paragliding certification: Flying isn't a profession, it's a passion!