Paragliding safety

Looking for adventure but wondering, "Is paragliding safe?" Paragliding, when done with proper training and equipment, is considered a relatively safe sport. Like any activity, it carries inherent risks, but adhering to safety protocols significantly reduces them. Training programs emphasize understanding weather conditions, equipment maintenance, and emergency procedures, ensuring a safe experience. With qualified instructors and appropriate gear, paragliding offers breathtaking aerial views and an exhilarating sense of freedom while prioritizing safety above all else. So, if you're pondering how safe paragliding is, rest assured that with preparation and caution, it's a thrilling yet secure way to soar through the skies.

Paragliding safety
2021-04-22 10:56:32
Tulpar Paragliding

Paragliding safety is the most important point to consider when going on an air trip. Here you should not skimp on equipment and training, which must be approached with maximum concentration and concentration. Responsibility in paragliding increases at times when another person trusts the instructor for their safety.

We use new paragliders, monitor their condition and maintain them regularly. The operated winches have a huge power reserve. It allows you to lift even a heavy paraglider in complete calm and with a tailwind. Each instructor who conducts flights with tourists has at least 10 years of experience and flies great.All instructors annually confirm their professional license.

For flights, we choose the most suitable weather conditions:

  • we do not fly when the wind speed is more than 8-10 m / s
  • we do not fly in rain, thunderstorm, hail and other weather abnormalities
  • we do not fly in conditions where visibility is limited by clouds, fog and darkness.

In general, paragliding is largely dependent on weather conditions. We monitor the weather forecast every day, and only after that we make a decision on flights. We ask our guests to comply with the minimum requirements - listen to the instructor's recommendations, do not interfere with him during the flight, relax and enjoy the process. If all these conditions are met, the safety of paragliding will be maximized, as will the pleasure of flying. After all, nothing beats the feeling of freedom in flight over the sea coast, surrounded by stunning mountain scenery.