Turkish Aeronautical Association Paragliding Course

Paragliding school in Turkey

The Turkish Aeronautical Association's initial paragliding courses are attended by a graduate of at least a first school, who has not had general health problems, has reached the age of 16, is between 1.55 m and 2 m in height, weighs between 45 kg and 110 kg, and has at least a first school degree.

The course application dates made by the institution must be followed on the official website. It is important to know that the application must be made at least 15 days before the start of the course.

Paragliding courses conducted by the Turkish Aeronautical Association last for at least 13 days. If the weather is not available for jumping, the course time may take a while. Because trainees will perform at least 20 flights during the training.

The housing needs of the trainees who will attend the courses of the institution will be met free of charge by the Turkish Aeronautical Association. Eating and drinking and similar expenses belong to the trainee.

They will attend the paragliding beginner's course and must bring them dresses that can keep warm, such as sneakers, at least 2 pairs of tracksuits, sweaters or coats.

Turkish Aeronautical Association Paragliding Course

Paragliding school in Turkey: Happiness in the skies!