How To Train Paragliding?

Paragliding training process

We will list the basic information on how paragliding training is done. These topics for initial training are applied in every flight school around the world

  • Of course, first you will receive information about the history of paragliding, its development and status in our country and in the world.
  • Detailed examination of the parachute in the school, construction stages will be brought to your attention
  • You'll learn the basic rules of aerodynamics under a heading of why and how paragliding flies
  • The management, transportation and collection of paragliding is another topic
  • Safety rules, equipment and use in the flight stage are part of the lessons
  • The presence of other aircraft in the flight area, compliance with air traffic rules was one of the topics attributed to importancer
  • You will learn that there are basic rules to be taken into account for weather, temperature, wind direction and intensity
  • You will gain the ability to control weather mishaps, emergencies
  • You will learn how to get rid of drifts and receive practical information from experienced educators if caught in the wind current
  • Training to open and use the reserve parachute in case of damage, entanglement or similar incidents of your parachute is one of the most important topics

Apart from these titles, if you successfully complete written exams, radio usage and ground training, you are now amateur paragliding athletes.

How To Train Paragliding?

Paragliding training process: Your perseverance will free you like a bird!