Paragliding in Marmaris

Paragliding in Marmaris -The blue lagoon looks fantastic from a bird's eye view, admire it and do your first extreme paragliding test from the most popular mountain.

Paragliding in Marmaris price for flight

 1 Passenger 40€
 1 Adult 180€

Paragliding in Marmaris Flight description


Paragliding in Marmaris should be number one on the must-do list on a vacation in Turkey. Tourists wishing to get their portion of extreme go to the village of Oludeniz a congregation center for paragliders from all over the world, from professionals to beginners. The start is carried out from Mount Babadag, or Father-Mountain, the highest point of which is 1969 meters. A beautiful view of the Valley of the Butterflies, the bay and the Blue Lagoon, three start sites at different heights and for different winds, favorable weather for almost the entire season, from April to October, and the close location of the mountain to the sea provides an excellent opportunity for professional athletes to work out complex tricks and smooth landing.

To carry out a paragliding flight in Marmaris, travelers have to cover a distance of 140 km to the village of Oludeniz. Then, along the serpentine road, climb to the top of the mountain, where, after a short lecture on safety and rules of conduct on an aircraft, preparations begin directly for the flight itself, which, depending on the wind, will last from 30 to 40 minutes.

The parachute jump in Marmaris is paired with an instructor this is the main rule and guarantee of safety. All pilots have many years of professional experience and have completed more than one hundred jumps, and also passed certification and are licensed for admission to double flights. Paragliding in Marmaris is the safest among extreme types of entertainment, with a minimum number of restrictions. The minimum age to participate is & ndash; 9 years old, the weight of an adult must not exceed 110 kg, and the height is 2 meters.

As for the contraindications, for paragliding in Marmaris they are the same as for any other outdoor activity. Because of the large surge of adrenaline, it is better to refrain from this kind of entertainment for people with heart and nervous system problems, as well as during pregnancy.

Observing all safety measures, while jumping with a parachute in Marmaris, the passenger should not have anything in his hands, it is forbidden to take a camera or smartphone with him. The instructor will be filming, and everyone can purchase photos and videos to commemorate this amazing adventure after landing on the Aegean coast.

Paragliding in Marmaris Program

  • Our driver will pick you up from Marmaris hotels on a comfortable transfer and take you to Oludeniz.
  • Arrival at a dedicated jumping area.
  • Introductory short lecture - instruction on correct flight behavior.
  • Preparing for the flight, choosing a place to start depending on the altitude, weather conditions and wind direction.
  • Getting ready for the start, putting on the equipment.
  • We fly together with an instructor, the flight duration is 30 minutes.
  • Landing on the beach
  • Free time for relaxation and swimming
  • Return bus to Marmaris hotels
  • Tour daysTuesday, Saturday (check with the manager)

  • Tour hours 08:00 — 19:00

  • Includesround trip bus, instruction, equipment, insurance, flight from the selected height

  • Excludesdrinks, photo and video shooting

  • Recommendedtight shoes, water, sun cream, sunglasses.

Payment on the day of flight
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