Paragliding in Kemer from Tahtali mountain

Paragliding in Kemer from Tahtali mountain - You are just a step away from the warm air flow, which will pick up and carry you towards new emotions and sensations, and a professional pilot will make your flight safe.

Paragliding in Kemer from Tahtali mountain price for flight

 1 Passenger 30€
 1 Adult 270€

Paragliding in Kemer from Tahtali mountain Flight description


Paragliding in Kemer from Tahtali mountain - It is not necessary to have wings in order to soar in the sky among the clouds, you just need to decide on paragliding in Kemer. The resort town is located in the arms of the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus mountain range. In Olympos National Park, Mount Tahtali rises majestically with a height of 2365 meters. Its top offers fantastic views of the entire southern coast of Turkey, and every year it attracts more and more people who want to make a parachute jump in Kemer. Those wishing to plunge into the world of extreme recreation should know that the altitude of 2300 meters is considered the highest in Europe for paragliding, in addition, Mount Tahtali has a rather gentle slope, which is very convenient when taking a run.

Tahtali has a fairly gentle descent, which is very convenient when taking off. Paragliding in Kemer is carried out exclusively by a duet with an experienced pilot. This is a safe entertainment, in which from the run at the top to landing on the beach, the instructor guides the whole process, the passenger, having relaxed for 25-40 minutes, can calmly enjoy the mountains, forests and the sea passing by. Tourists who are interested in a parachute jump in Kemer are provided with a transfer from the hotel to the foot of the mountain, then on the funicular they rise to the desired height to the site, where they will listen to safety instructions. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the paragliding flight in Kemer will be postponed to another day.

Paragliding in Kemer is an activity available to almost everyone, however, there are some restrictions. People with health problems in the heart, respiratory tract and central nervous system are advised to abstain. Height should not exceed 2 meters. The maximum weight for participation for men is up to 110 kg, for women up to 90 kg. Children are admitted upon reaching the age of 9. It should also be noted that for safety reasons, passengers are prohibited from taking mobile phones, video and cameras with them. The shooting is carried out by the instructor and, if desired, all the material can be purchased after landing.

Paragliding in Kemer from Tahtali mountain Program

  • Transfer from your hotel.
  • Arrival to the cable car
  • Ascent to a height of 2365 meters in the cable car
  • Listening to safety briefing and flight behavior rules
  • Preparatory process - issue of equipment.
  • Jump from the mountain with an instructor. The flight duration ranges from thirty minutes to forty minutes.
  • Landing at Tekirova Beach
  • Swimming and free time.
  • Transfer back to the hotel.


-For the flight, it is better to choose sportswear, comfortable shoes. - Children under 9 years of age are not allowed to fly - The flight is contraindicated for tourists who have heart disease, musculoskeletal and vestibular diseases, as well as epilepsy, etc. - - During pregnancy, flying is also prohibited - Weight should be less than 90 kg for women. - Weight for men is less than 110 kg. - Height no more than two meters.

  • Tour daysDaily

  • Tour hours 9:00 – 13:30

  • IncludesInsurance, transfer, equipment, instructor services.

  • ExcludesVideo and photo

  • Recommendedwater, a warm jacket, money for personal expenses, sun glasses.

Payment on the day of flight
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