Fethiye Paragliding

Fethiye Paragliding, located in the stunning Oludeniz region, offers an unforgettable adventure. With launch points on the iconic Babadag Mountain, this experience reaches incredible heights, promising panoramic views of the Turkish coast. The price of paragliding in Fethiye is accessible, making it a must-try activity for those seeking a memorable and affordable adventure. Whether you're an experienced paraglider or a first-timer, Fethiye Paragliding ensures an exhilarating journey through the skies, capturing the beauty of Turkey from above. Don't miss the chance to soar high and create lasting memories with Fethiye Paragliding.

Fethiye Paragliding price for flight

 1 Adult 75€

Fethiye Paragliding Flight description


Fethiye Paragliding: An Unforgettable Adventure in the Skies: If you're seeking an exhilarating experience with a touch of adrenaline in Fethiye, Turkey, look no further than Fethiye Paragliding. Nestled in the beautiful region of Oludeniz, this activity offers a breathtaking aerial perspective of the Babadag Mountain. As you take to the skies, you'll be enchanted by the serene landscapes and the thrill of the journey.

The Heights of Oludeniz Paragliding

One of the main attractions of Oludeniz Paragliding is the impressive heights you can reach. Thanks to the launch point on the famous Babadag Mountain, paragliders can soar to heights that are simply awe-inspiring. At the Babadag Paragliding take-off point, you'll have the chance to experience the sheer majesty of the Turkish coast from an unparalleled vantage point.

Exploring the Heights at Babadag Paragliding

Babadag Paragliding is the premier location for thrill-seekers in Fethiye. This mountain, known for its soaring peaks and panoramic views, is the epicenter of paragliding adventures in the region. With its lofty heights and pristine surroundings, Babadag Mountain promises an unforgettable paragliding experience. Whether you're a seasoned paraglider or a first-timer, this is the place to be.

The Price of Paragliding in Fethiye

While the experience of Fethiye Paragliding is priceless, you'll be pleased to know that paragliding in Fethiye is accessible to all. The cost of paragliding in Fethiye varies, but it's an investment in a memory that will last a lifetime. Be sure to check the current rates for Oludeniz Paragliding and choose a package that suits your budget.

Oludeniz Paragliding: A Priceless Adventure

When you embark on Oludeniz Paragliding, you'll be greeted with an unmatched sense of freedom as you soar through the skies. The price of Oludeniz Paragliding is a small fee compared to the incredible experience it provides. Capture memories that will stay with you forever as you glide over the azure waters and lush landscapes of Oludeniz.

Parachute Adventures in Fethiye

If you're not ready for paragliding, consider trying your hand at Fethiye skydiving with a parachute. It's an equally thrilling adventure that allows you to experience the adrenaline rush while descending from the skies. Parachute Fethiye is a fantastic alternative to traditional paragliding.

1700 Babadağ Cafe Fethiye Reviews

When you're not up in the air, you can relax and enjoy the stunning views of Fethiye at the 1700 Babadağ Cafe. This charming café has received rave reviews from visitors who appreciate the panoramic vistas, delicious Turkish cuisine, and the perfect vantage point for watching paragliders take to the skies.

Paragliding Turkey: A Bird's-Eye View of the Country

Paragliding is not limited to Fethiye alone. Paragliding Turkey-wide is a popular activity that allows you to explore the country from a unique perspective. Turkey's diverse landscapes and picturesque coastlines offer paragliders a chance to experience the beauty of this nation like never before.

The Heights of Babadag Mountain Paragliding

Babadag Mountain Paragliding is known for reaching impressive heights. The launch point at this mountain allows paragliders to ascend to altitudes that offer breathtaking vistas of the surrounding region. The Babadag Mountain paragliding height is truly an experience like no other.

In conclusion, Fethiye Paragliding is a must-do activity for adventure enthusiasts visiting Turkey. With its remarkable heights, affordable prices, and unforgettable experiences, it's no wonder paragliding in Fethiye is a top attraction in the region. So, whether you're an adrenaline junkie or simply seeking a unique way to explore the beauty of Fethiye and its surroundings, paragliding is an adventure that should not be missed.

Fethiye Paragliding Program

  • Transfer of all guests from hotels on a comfortable air-conditioned bus
  • Arrival in Fethiye
  • Climbing Mount Babadag (1700 meters)
  • Short briefing and equipment distribution
  • Paragliding
  • Soar for 20-30 minutes (depending on the chosen height)
  • Landing at Oludeniz Beach
  • Return bus to hotels
  • Tour dayseveryday

  • Tour hours 08:00 - 18:00

  • Includestransfer in both directions, insurance, jump, equipment

  • Excludesphotos and videos, personal expenses.

  • RecommendedConditions: - the maximum weight for men is not more than 110 kg; ; for women - 90 kg. -Children's age from 10 years. -The height is no higher than two meters.

Payment on the day of flight
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