Paragliding in Belek

With our company Paragliding in Belek, you can plunge into the world of extreme sports without worrying about anything. We guarantee safety, individual approach to everyone, insurance and transfer.

Paragliding in Belek price for flight

 1 Passenger 20€
 1 Adult 40€

Paragliding in Belek Flight description


Paragliding in Belek, also known as paragliding, is a flight on a non-powered aircraft controlled by warm air currents. The mild Turkish climate, mountainous terrain and sea create ideal conditions for this sport.

Parachute jump in Belek is the prerogative of not only professionals, but also ordinary tourists who are eager to diversify their vacation and add a bit of extreme to it thanks to a tandem flight with a professional pilot. All pilots have many years of experience and are certified accordingly, and many are active athletes who constantly hone their skill level.

How paragliding in Belek takes place

Those wishing to experience all the delights of paragliding in Belek go to the famous Tahtali mountain at an altitude of over 2000 meters. The distance from the city to the Olympos National Park, where the mountain is located, is ... Then the ascent by cable car to the launch site and 10 excursions on safety precautions and rules of conduct during takeoff and during the flight itself. All tourists are provided with all the necessary protective equipment. Flying in a duet with an instructor, a secure five-point seat belt attachment and a reserve parachute - give a 100% guarantee for a safe parachute jump in Belek.

Who is the class and how to prepare for it

Paragliding in Belek suits almost everyone. The list of restrictions is not long. Children are allowed from 9 years old; the weight of an adult must not exceed 110 kg and grow over 2 meters.

In pregnancy, heart disease and mental disorders due to the high release of adrenaline, it is recommended to refrain from rest of this kind. This also applies to people with disabilities and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. it will be necessary to take a run of several meters toe-to-toe with the pilot.

The entire southern coast of Turkey will be in full view thanks to the sky-high walk from cloud to cloud.

Paragliding in Belek Program

  • Individual or group transfer from Belek hotels
  • Arriving at the destination at the site from where the jump will take place
  • Mandatory instruction
  • Preparing for the flight, trying on equipment
  • Paragliding with an internationally licensed paragliding instructor. Duration from 25 to 40 minutes, depending on wind direction, weather and your chosen altitude.
  • Landing on the beach
  • Back to the hotel
  • Tour daysEvery day

  • Tour hours 09:00 - 15:00

  • Includestransfer, insurance, instruction, flight with an instructor, equipment.

  • Excludesdrinks, video materials and photos.

  • RecommendedRecommendations and requirements: - Dress as comfortably as possible, shoes should fit snugly on your foot. - Take a light long sleeve sweater - People with a height of 2 meters are not allowed to fly - People weighing 110 kg or more are not allowed to fly - People who have heart problems, epilepsy, problems with the musculoskeletal system, breathing problems and during pregnancy are also not allowed to fly. - The minimum age for a child to fly is 9 years Attention: it is forbidden to use equipment and take video during the flight!

Payment on the day of flight
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