Paragliding in Antalya

One of the most demanded tour on vacation Paragliding in Antalya, during which you will see the world from a different angle. Extreme skydiving flight with a certified parachute instructor.

Paragliding in Antalya price for flight

 1 Passenger 20€
 1 Adult 40€

Paragliding in Antalya Flight description


Paragliding in Antalya is gaining more and more popularity every year, which is not at all surprising. This, at first glance, is an uncomplicated device, consisting of a soft fabric wing and strong lines since the middle of the last century, it has allowed people to fly among the clouds without a motor or other special equipment. Catching a stream of warm air, the athlete soars in the sky, practicing tricks and smooth landings.

People who have nothing to do with professional paragliding and without skills can try paragliding in Antalya. Thanks to a tandem jump with an instructor, this entertainment is considered the safest among all types of extreme recreation, moreover, it is financially affordable. Those wishing to make a parachute jump in Antalya do not need any special equipment, except for their personal comfortable clothes and shoes that fit tightly on their feet. The tour price already includes a transfer to the starting point, insurance and protective equipment. In time, it will last 15-20 minutes, depending on the weather. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, which also include the complete absence of wind, the flight may be delayed or postponed to another day.

Paragliding in Antalya, like love, is submissive to almost all ages. Children who have reached the age of nine are allowed to participate. But regardless of the age category, there are general recommendations and contraindications. People over 110 kg in weight and 2 meters tall are not allowed to skydive in Antalya; pregnant women; people with a disorder of the nervous system, heart disease, as well as people with problems of the musculoskeletal system and disabilities, because the passenger, along with the pilot, will have to take a running start to fly. Paragliding in Antalya & ndash; these are unforgettable emotions and indescribable delight, and bright and unusual photographs taken by the pilot during the flight will help to keep them in memory longer.

Paragliding in Antalya Program

  • Pick up tourists from hotels for Paragliding in Antalya
  • We leave from Antalya to the panoramic platform, where the flight will take place.
  • Arrival at the starting point for skydiving.
  • A short briefing on safe flight and airborne behavior.
  • Issuance of equipment, preparation for the flight.
  • Jump paired with an instructor from a pre-selected height.
  • Flight within 15-20 minutes, depending on altitude and weather.
  • Landing in a specially equipped section of the beach
  • Return to the hotels
  • Tour daysDaily

  • Tour hours 09:00 — 16:00

  • Includestransfer, additional insurance, equipment, jump

  • Excludespersonal expenses, photo and video shooting (optional).

  • Recommendedcomfortable clothes and shoes to keep them from falling off, sunscreen, glasses and water

Payment on the day of flight
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