The history of paragladeing

A bit of history and the principle of paragladeing

The history of paragladeing
2020-12-08 13:25:16
Tulpar Paragliding
In 1940, the American scientist Rogallo created a soft wing that allowed for a short time to hang in the air. Although the world's first paraglider is considered to be the English scientist Newmark. Thanks to Rogallo's discoveries, Newmark was able to give rise to sport - paragliding. In 1968, in Lake Plesida (America) began to be held aerial competitions using a soft wing. After that, these competitions began to be held every year. And since 1980, paragliding has become a separate sport. The paraglider does not have a motor, but there is a huge wing made of special material. Due to the oncoming air flow there is a lifting force, which supports the speed of a certain level. The essence of planning is a slow decline from a great height. Paragliding is the easiest and safest way to fly
Air. For paragliding, you need:
- to find a height of a certain height;
- make a run;
- jump and fly, controlling the soft wing;
- to feel the air flows.
And all this can be learned, but it is a different story ...