Tahtali cable car

The Tahtali cable car impresses even experienced travelers. The upper station, located at an altitude of 2365 meters, offers a view of all the nearest resorts, the endless series of mountains and the Mediterranean coast.

Tahtali cable car
2021-04-27 02:44:37
Tulpar Paragliding

The cable car to the Tahtali mountain peak, which in ancient times was called Olympus, was opened in 2007. In the beginning, a hoist was built to perform a cargo function. Just imagine, 8 thousand tons of equipment, several thousand cubic meters of water and concrete were raised during its construction. Then modern passenger cabins were created.

Such an air sightseeing bus will take you to the picturesque mountain peak of the Anatolian coast within 10 minutes. Along the 4350-meter journey, you will experience a delightful aesthetic experience. The first to open in front of you are emerald wooded slopes. As you rise, the forest will gradually sink into mountain ranges, with an adjacent coastal strip and azure sea water. At the very top of Tahtali, a cable car takes visitors to the observation deck. The panorama of the coast of the Turkish Riviera and the endless series of mountains is breathtaking, bringing new ideas and dreams. Mountain views change with the season.The snow-covered winter slopes in April, when the wind from the Sahara covers the Turkish coast with sand, are painted in shades of burgundy. Looking at them is a real pleasure at any time of the year. Here you can also have a tasty and spectacular lunch. There is a cozy restaurant next to the lookout.

On a beautiful mountain peak, thoughts often appear about how I would like to paraglide over all this beauty. We have an unforgettable Paragliding excursion in Kemer from Tahtali mountain. Its summit is simply made for paragliding. There is a comfortable gentle descent, accompanying a comfortable takeoff run and a smooth flight start. And most importantly, you will have 30-40 minutes of amazing air travel that will be remembered for a lifetime