Paragliding in Alanya in October 2021

It will be possible to fly with a paraglider this year in the fall. Let's talk about the features of paragliding in Alanya in October 2021

Paragliding in Alanya in October 2021
2021-06-08 12:19:32
Tulpar Paragliding

Do not worry if you did not have time to visit Turkey in the summer, the paragliding tour in Alanya in October 2021 will be just as rich and interesting. Those who have a vacation in October are more fortunate than vacationers in the high season. In October, comfortable weather + 22 + 25 in the afternoon is already set in Alanya. There is no sweltering heat and, therefore, it is more pleasant to admire the surroundings from a height. The prices are also pleasing, which decrease during this period along with the air temperature. You can fly a third cheaper than in summer.

The only caveat is that the exact flight time is determined on the day of the tour. This is because it is impossible to predict 100% wind speed, which should not exceed 8 m / s for safety reasons. And also, it is necessary to exclude the expected precipitation. We don't fly in the rain. Flights are conducted from a platform on the mountain from a height of 500 or 800 meters in tandem with an experienced instructor. Transfer will take you there directly from the hotel. First, pre-flight preparation is carried out - a short briefing and mental attitude, if required. After all, many of our guests make such a flight for the first time. We hasten to reassure you - paragliding is not the same as a parachute jump, where the worst thing is to decide to take a step out of the plane into the void. Here, for the first few meters, the instructor pilot runs along the mountainside until the paraglider picks up by the force of the wind. In a few seconds, you are already soaring in the air currents, enjoying a smooth flight. You have views of the picturesque coast of Alanya, the majestic mountains and the endless Mediterranean Sea.

Book your place on the Alanya Paragliding tour in October 2021 without prepayment now. Enjoy your flight and the most exciting vacation in Turkey.