Learning paragliding

Once a paraglider was created, man's dream of flying in the air, like a bird, became a reality.

Learning paragliding
2020-12-08 13:27:18
Tulpar Paragliding
How to become a paraglider?
Probably this question is of interest to many fans of extreme sports. Learning to fly a paraglider is not difficult. There are many short courses. In most cases, such courses are organized in coastal areas. If suddenly the novice paraglider will fall, the water is the most suitable place. Paragliding is not a difficult sport, but nevertheless you need to take training seriously. Take a full theoretical course and listen carefully to the instructor. Only after passing the theoretical course, flights will begin in the air. There are no special requirements for paragliding, the main thing is that there would be no health problems. So it would be possible to learn to fly a paraglider, it would be a wish