How to choose a school of paragliding

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the world from a bird's-eye view? Then this post is for you. About learning paragliding, and where you can learn paragliding.

How to choose a school of paragliding
2020-12-08 13:35:46
Tulpar Paragliding
Do not try to learn flying yourself, it is better to find a club where professional pilots will train you, and which in extreme cases can help. Alone, without training even on small hills to fly is very dangerous. It's better that there would be professionals nearby.
Do not go to study in a club where they promise to quickly learn paragliding. In paragliding, you need to first study the theory, and only then begin to practice. The weather and the equipment used are of great importance.
Learn feedback. And you will understand what people who have already been trained in this school have learned.
And if you want to learn quickly, you can go for example to the south of Russia or to another country, such as Turkey, where there is a suitable landscape and weather conditions for paragladeing.