How much is a paragliding flight in Bodrum

All holidaymakers in Bodrum have the opportunity to take a paragliding flight over the Aegean coast in tandem with an experienced instructor pilot

How much is a paragliding flight in Bodrum
2021-07-16 08:43:17
Tulpar Paragliding

Paragliding in Bodrum costs $ 150. This price includes a transfer to the village of Oludeniz and back, travel to Mount Babadag, insurance and half an hour of air travel by paragliding. The distance of Bodrum Oludeniz is about 240 km. This path is easily and imperceptibly overcome in a comfortable minibus. On the road, you can have a good rest and tune in to the brightest flight of your life.

Even if you are flying for the first time, do not worry. You will be accompanied by a professional instructor who makes up to 15 such flights daily. Follow his directions and relax. Then the flight will be perfect.

Mount Babadag attracts paragliders from all over the world with its majesty and beauty. Its peak rises to a height of 1969 meters. From there, stunning views of Oludeniz Bay and the endless Aegean Sea open up. But, the most important thing is that there are convenient sites for starting and landing. Therefore, such air travel is as safe as possible. Before each flight, we monitor the weather conditions and carry out a technical inspection of the paraglider.The wind speed should not exceed 6-8 meters per second. We don't fly in the rain. Therefore, the most favorable season for flights is from April to October. In winter, we adapt to the weather.

Paragliding from Bodrum is well worth the time and money spent. In the moment, you feel such strong emotions that cannot be expressed in words. All problems and worries dissolve when a stunning landscape of mountains and coastline, bordered by the bright blue color of the water, opens before your eyes. For 30-40 minutes of flight, you can fully enjoy the process and get a powerful boost of energy for the rest of your vacation.