How high is paragliding in Alanya

Paragliding in Alanya is possible from a height of 800 meters above sea level. This is an unforgettable flight for 30 minutes over the coast of Alanya and Cleopatra Beach

How high is paragliding in Alanya
2021-06-16 05:31:14
Tulpar Paragliding

Paragliding in Alanya is carried out from the Iasi mountain. There are several equipped sites at an altitude of 500 and 800 meters. You can get to the starting point from Cleopatra beach by off-road vehicles. The whole journey takes about 20 minutes. On the way, magnificent panoramas of the mountains and the riviera open up. The views around are breathtaking, and it already seems that it cannot be more beautiful, but it will still be. The higher you go, the brighter the sweet anticipation of the upcoming flight.Some novice paragliders, seeing Alanya from a bird's eye view, have a growing feeling of fear. It dissolves when you meet an experienced instructor.

The instructor pilot is a professional in his field, he will give you a short training, tell you how to behave correctly in flight in order to enjoy the experience as much as possible. Paragliding in Alanya is carried out from a comfortable height, which is ideal for beginners. Therefore, before flying to Oludeniz, where the altitude is over 1500 meters, start from Alanya.A 25-30 minute flight will be enough for you to get fireworks of positive emotions and recharge with powerful energy for the entire period of your vacation. When you soar like a bird over the mountain ranges and the embankment, you feel that everything is possible. This is beyond words - you have to try it.

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