Great places for paragliding

There are many places in the world for paragliding. Today we'll talk about some of them.

Great places for paragliding
2020-12-08 13:29:59
Tulpar Paragliding
Of course, the great places for paragliding are in Turkey. The relief of this country is simply designed for paragliding. Flying on a paraglider you can enjoy fantastic scenery, majestic mountains, endless sea and beautiful panoramas of cities and sights of Turkey. In the mountainous areas there are a huge number of sites that allow you to engage in paragliding. The most popular are Duman, Babadag, Alanya, Eshenka. The site in Eshenka is suitable for athletes with experience, here they will definitely find a lot of thrills. Those who love beautiful landscapes advise you to take a closer look at the sites in Alanya and Patara. But not only in Turkey there are platforms for paragladeing. For example, our Koktebel in Crimea, there are excellent clubs that have everything you need for excellent flights. There is also a site in the Caucasus, near Piatigorsk. Many athletes go to the neighborhood of St. Petersburg (Kavgolo, Krylatskaya) for paragliding.
As they say it would be a desire, and there is always an opportunity.