Flight over Alanya

A flight over Alanya is an event that lasts 25-30 minutes, but will be remembered for a lifetime. Even if your vacation lasts only a few days, then you should definitely try it

Flight over Alanya
2021-05-26 04:43:01
Tulpar Paragliding

The flight over Alanya is carried out from Mount Iasi from a platform 800 meters high. Iasi is a part of the Taurus mountain range that adorns Turkey and protects the coastlines from the winds. A view of the Alanya coast and the sights of the city opens from above. The fortress, the entire coastline and endless mountain ranges are clearly visible.

During the flight, all earthly problems seem like small grains of sand like people and buildings from above. The feeling of freedom absorbs so strongly that it is impossible to describe in words all the surging emotions. Many of our guests note that such a flight changes them from the inside. Some people get brilliant ideas, others come up with solutions that have been thought over for years. One way or another, a flight over Alanya reveals a person's potential, energizes and inspires them to move forward.

We suggest trying the Skydiving in Alanya. It is suitable even for those who have never made such flights before. Here, an experienced instructor does everything for you. Before the flight, training is conducted on how to behave in the process, what is allowed or prohibited to do. This is a kind of psychological pre-flight preparation. Then the most interesting thing awaits you - an amazing flight and the most vivid impressions. We land on the Cleopatra beach, where active rest gives way to calm and measured. Enjoy your flight and new discoveries in the outside world and in yourself.