Flight from Tahtali mountain how to dress

The height of Mount Tahtali reaches 2365 meters, and it is better to wear warm clothes for flights. Even in summer, it is autumnal cool here

Flight from Tahtali mountain how to dress
2021-08-05 05:41:53
Tulpar Paragliding

A paragliding flight from Mount Tahtali is 30-40 minutes of amazing sensations from soaring over the mountain ranges and the Mediterranean coast. In order not to overshadow the joy of paragliding, we recommend wearing a fleece jacket, comfortable trousers and closed shoes that will not fly away from you during the flight (sneakers are desirable). Warm clothes will come in handy upstairs. Before the flight, you will be given all the necessary equipment.

Tahtali is located in the vicinity of Kemer resort in the Beydaglari Olympos National Park. It has the tastiest mountain air, the best views and stunning sunsets. You will fly in tandem with an experienced pilot who will give you a short briefing and help you get ready for the first step. All you need to do is follow his instructions and relax, then the pleasure from the process of flying from the top of Mount Tahtali will be maximum.

This place is ideal for paragliding. There are comfortable platforms and gentle slopes, without hillocks and similar obstacles. Therefore, it is comfortable and safe for beginners. The flight ends at Tekirova Beach, where you can relax and swim.

Book paragliding from the top of Tahtali Mountain and get the most of your fun and excitement.