Cappadocia Cave Hotels

Would you like to plunge into the ancient world and live the way you lived many years ago? Then the goodness to submit to the Cave Hotels of Cappadocia.

Cappadocia Cave Hotels
2020-12-08 13:19:47
Tulpar Paragliding
These hotels are called cavernous, as they are located in caves. Really unique hotels, however, as well as Cappadocia itself. And it was in such cave houses lived ancient people in Cappadocia.
These hotels combine the cave features of ancient times and modern amenities, it is the charm of antiquity and modern comfort. Most hotels consist of several levels with stairs, corridors, terraces and roofs. And what a fantastic panorama opens from the balcony of any of these hotels, just fantastic. Most cave hotels are located in Gerem, Uchhisar, Jurgup. Cave life here can be diluted by walks in the fantastic places of Cappadocia, and there are not enough of them.